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'm the one candidate who has the ability to debate barack obama decisively. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich each putting their spin on how they did in last night's super tuesday races. the state everyone was watching, though, ohio. it spent a good part of the night in the too close to call, but at 12:30 eastern time this morning, called romney the apparent winner in a one-point close shave over santorum. we'll explain what that means. it remains the apparent category because ohio averages a 3% uncounted election night vote even when at 99% reporting. then just before 4:00 a.m. eastern time, nbc news declared romney the projected winner in alaska's republican caucus. romney also won big in the idaho caucuses. and he took massachusetts, vermont, and virginia. rick santorum countered last night with primary victories in oklahoma and tennessee. he also won the north dakota caucuses and newt gingrich also chalked up a win with 47% of the vote in his home state of georgia. the former house speaker is vowing to fight on with primaries next week in alabama and mississippi. in all
gingrich edged out romney for second place by just under 2,000 votes of the more than 600,000 cast. and just before 11:00 p.m. eastern time, an even tighter race in mississippi was called for santorum who took in 33% of the vote there. newt gingrich and then mitt romney followed with 31% and 30% respectively. and just within the hour, nbc news declared mitt romney the projected winner in the hawaii caucuses. won 40% of the vote, defeating rick santorum by 20 points. good morning, everyone, a live look at time square on this wednesday morning. it's march 14th. welcome to "morning joe." with us onset, we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark haleprin. we have national affairs editor for "new york" magazine john heilemann. "game change" boys. and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. perfect morning to have you all onboard. willie, hello. >> wow. >> a couple of things went down last night. we -- mitt lost to rick santorum and to newt. right? >> third place in both states. >> that's not good, michael. >> not good. and they keep cry
wins that one, that's it. and if i'm not mistaken -- >> mitt romney declared the winner in ohio. >> okay. all right, everybody, thanks for coming, that's a wrap. we're just going to sit back. show's over. good luck in the general election. i'm going to smoke my pipe and watch book notes as i always do to unwind from a hard day at the satire factory. unless -- >> romney eked out the win in ohio. >> he barely won in the all important state of ohio. >> he won the math, but lost the momentum. >> he could not deliver a knockout punch. >> the republican race far from over, folks. >> every time. >> every time. good morning. it's thursday, march the 8th. and with us on the set, we've got executive editor of random house, pulitzer prize winning historian jon meacham. the list keeps -- >> do you have my tax returns? >> i heard at the "game change" premiere because i -- you know, all the kids were calling me because all the cool kids were there last night. >> i, of course, was home not like jon stewart. >> did you have porage for the kids? >> it soothes my nerves at the end of the day, and
? >> let's head to illinois. the voters hit the polls. a win for romney could cement his front-runner status. a santorum victory could boost that romney can't rally the conservative base. santorum is on the defensive over these comments he made in illinois yesterday. >> you need a candidate who is going to be a fight er for freedom, who is going to get up and make that the central theme in this race. it is the central theme in this race. i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. there's something more foundation going on here. >> okay. romney seized on that comment trying to capitalize on santorum's remarks. >> i'm concerned about the people out of work. one of the people running also for the republican nomination said he esn't care about the unemployment rate, that doesn't bother him. i do care. it bothers me. i want to get people back to work. i'm concerned about those out of work. one of the reasons i'm running is to get the expertise in place. get a strong economy. >> last night, santorum t
, and romney is leading in delegate count. but no, nothing is inevitable. and i do appreciate that these men are continuing to duke it out in the arena of ideas and are allowing themselves to be vetted. thank you, gentlemen, who are running on the gop ticket. staying in there allowing yourselves to be vetted by the media because they didn't do it when barack obama ran. >> good morning, it's friday, march 9th. welcome to "morning joe." with us here in washington, msnbc "time" magazine senior analyst and the star of the red carpet, mark haleprin, also political editor and white house correspondent for the "huffington post" sam stein. katty kay and the great willie geist. he's up in new york. so mark, "game change" premiere washington last night, a huge event. tom cruise was there and julianne moore, all the big stars, but you were, of course, the biggest star. you and -- >> you said tom cruise, you meant tom hanks. >> did i say tom cruise? >> last time cruise was there and i missed him. >> tom hanks, tom cruise, come on, it's the same thing. >> it was a great event. hbo does things very well a
. here's how the poll has the republican presidential field. romney topping the field with 38% of the vote followed by santorum at 32%. newt gingrich and ron paul are both at 13%. when asked how the gop nominating process has affected people's view of the party -- >> not good. >> 40% say it's made them look at the party less favorably, 12% said more favorably, and 47% said the process had no impact on their view of the party. the poll also shows how mitt romney's approval rating compares with past presidential candidates. romney gets 28% approval, lower than mccain, kerry, bush, and dole during the same point in the race. and looking at the general election, head to head match-ups against president obama, all four republican contenders fall short. mitt romney is the closest, six points behind the president. on the question of congressional preference, 41% say republicans are the preferred majority in congress. 46% would rather see democrats in charge. and when asked which party does a better job of appealing to people not among its hard core supporters, 55% said the democratic
the floor ♪ don't bring me down >> hey, this is a true story about mitt romney. you guys know there's a robot running for president, right? [ applause ] >> how cool is that? while touring google's offices yesterday, this is a true story, romney saw a lava lamp on someone's desk and said, that's a big lava lamp. congratulations. [ laughter ] >> ironically, the lava lamp was better at natural conversation than mitt romney. >>> no, i did not bring that in. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, march 22. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle. we have pulitzer prize winner writer for "the washington post" jonathan capehart. and president of the council on foreign relations, richard haas, along with willie joe and me. and we have a lot going on this morning. good morning, joe. >> good morning, mika. >> we'll be talking about mitt romney. that's where we're starting. but there is a situation in france unfolding. richard is here to talk about that. there is some nfl news. >> some? >> some. >> just a little. >> "new york times" front page. >> ok.
might be. that was mitt romney, the winner of last night's illinois primary. romney took 47% of the vote, beating rick santorum by 12 points. ron paul and newt gingrich were in the single digits. romney's illinois win adds another 41 delegates to his total haul, which now stands near 500. though still far from the 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination, romney has close to 300 more delegates than santorum. that math is adding up. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 21. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu howard ford jr. we also have financier and "morning joe" economic analyst steve rattner. and in washington, republican strategist and contributor to "newsweek" and the daily beat and vice chairman of the consulting firm hill norton, mark mckinnon. >> that's like spring. >> it's almost ok, but still a little weird. >> well, you know, at least it's better than barnicle. look at the bright side. >> true. that was -- >> actually, the most interesting man in the world willie geist is now in mallorca for the spring. >
that with every single character, john mccain, mitt romney and barack obama and hillary clinton and john edwards. so, you know, we occasionally, in the last couple weeks, have heard criticism from people who say the book was some left-wing democratic thing. if you go back and read the book, we pulled no punches throughout the book, nor did we try to be hitting everybody mercilessly. we tried to show a balanced portrait of everyone. that included sarah palin. to mark's point, that meant talking to everybody in mccain and palin world who had a lot of contact with her, people who loved her, and people who had less positive feelings about her by the end of the campaign. and we took that all into account. that's what we do. >> mark, let me ask you a more broad question. why the movie focuses only on sarah palin when there was such an exciting story on the other side as well. >> excellent question. hbo wanted to make a two-hour movie. and in two hours, you can only tell one story. they originally wanted to tell the story of the president and hillary clinton and their titanic battle for the nomination.
where mitt romney is getting absolutely hammered by barack obama. >> yeah. why don't we start there. mitt romney and rick santorum are heading to wisconsin today, kicking off a final campaign push before tuesday's primary. according to the new poll out just this morning, romney has 40% in wisconsin. >> that's good news for romney. >> ahead of rick santorum. in a general election matchup, wisconsin voters favor president obama over both romney and santorum, each by double digits. this lead for the president in wisconsin mirrors numbers this week from other key swing states. this latest poll shows the president topping the republican candidates in the battle ground state of florida. president obama is seven points ahead of romney and 13 points ahead of rick santorum. and in ohio, obama has a six-point lead on romney and seven points on santorum. rick santorum's home state of pennsylvania, even there he loses to president obama by seven points. mitt romney is closer to the president in that swing state, just outside the margin of error. >> mark halperin, it was not so long ago that rep
care, and he is the worst because he was the author of romney care. >>> at the top of the hour, good morning, everyone. welcome to "morning joe." >> did we edit that? did we take the bs part out? >> he actually said the word. i'm glad you didn't. it's monday, march 26. with us on set, we have msnbc and time magazine senior political analyst mark halpern, and msnbc contributor mark barnicle. hi. >> hi. >> you're here. >> contributor? >> how do you contribute? >> i want to know what you bring to the table. >> man, a lot of good stuff. >>> first of all, we have to talk about the final four. can anybody beat kentucky, guys? >> no. >> kansas. >> you think kansas can? >> kansas is really confident. kentucky is better. it will be a really good final. >> yeah. i mean, a couple of great games. boy, florida blew it. can you believe they just completely collapsed? >> actually i tuned that game out when i thought it was over. came back, and louisville was up. >> i was like, it's over. rick pitino now 11-0. can i just say i love pitino? >> you just did. >> great coaches left in the tournament. >>
? "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >>> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. simply stated, we're about promoting the private sector, they're about protecting the privileged sector. we are for a fair shot and a fair shake. they're about no rules, no risks, and no accountability. >> i want to tell you, the economic theorys of gingrich, santorum and romney, they are bankrupt. if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> well, he is kicking butt and taking names, isn't he? >> notice he was wearing a tie. >> well, unlike some other people here on the set of "morning joe." good morning, everyone, it is friday, finally it is friday. i don't know about you guys, i think i might have barely survived the week. it's march 16th. and with us onset as you can see, this is just a disgrace. >> mike, this isn't dress rehearsal, we're on, baby, we're live. >> this is the real deal? >> we had our usual -- >> i'll tell you what, i'll make everyone's life easi
they're up watching our show. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >>> mitt romney won a key victory in the ohio super tuesday primary. narrowly beating rick santorum by just 1%. specifically the 1%. despite only winning the super tuesday primary in georgia, newt gingrich vowed to continue his campaign saying i'm the tortoise. i take it one step at a time. also, if you roll me on to my back, i can never get up. rick santorum today won the kansas caucuses beating mitt romney by 30%. santorum was expected to do well in kansas because it's also a giant square. >> all right, everybody. top of the hour, 6:00 on the east coast, good morning. it is monday, march 12th, and we've lost an hour. wake up, wake up, wake up. with us onset, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. you're back. i haven't seen you in a while. >> i haven't been here in a while. >> okay. that makes sense. msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman harold ford jr. and former chief strategist to the mccain/palin campaign, steve schmitt. we'll talk about the movie coming up. and in washin
attention to them when he's not doing well. >> we have said all along with mitt romney, listen, it's a long time between now and the end of october. same thing for president obama. the polls are in essence temporary snapshots. my first poll out of the box i won by 21 points. so i think you can't get too excited about polls. >> you were within the margin of error every day. nine points, though, alex. >> nine points is significant. as the governor points out, two things that obama can't really control, gas policy and foreign policy. i think the koran burning, nobody necessarily blames him for that. but he apologized and that became a talking point. gas prices are the bulk of the satisfaction. a vast majority feel personal pocketbook pain because of gas prices. beyond that, the repercussions as far as what they do to the gdp is significant. it's not to be ignored. >> what are you seeing in the numbers? >> kudos to the 36% who know the president can't do anything about gas prices. it really isn't down to the federal government s. supply and demand that, simple. the politics is so juicy and atte
with governor romney. but there is no doubt in my mind that if the choice is governor romney or barack obama, we would have no choice. the danger of obama is so great that i would hope that every candidate currently running, ron paul, governor romney, to senator santorum, that we would all agree that whoever becomes the republican nominee, we have one common goal, and that is to defeat barack obama, period. [ applause ] >>> good morning. it's friday. thank god. thank god. it's friday, march 23. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we've got msnbc contributor mark barnicle, dressed for success today. what's going on with that? >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you know why he is doing that. >> why? >> it's his jets tie. >> oh. >> right? tebow. halo, new york. >> here from "the new york times" is charles blow. good to have you. >> nice to see you. >>> we have steve rattner. >> no charts today. >> why no charts? >> you called at 4:00 yesterday to ask if i could do this. some of us have a life. >> who? not me. >> i don't have a life. >> he's got a life? must be nice. >>> and from washington
now. ♪ >>> the alabama and mississippi primaries were last night, and the stakes for romney were high. or as mitt would say, just the right height. because if he won either state, he could dispel doubts about his appeal to conservatives and i would have to start loving him. which, of course, i do as long as i have no other choice. >> rick santorum surprise in the south wins the alabama and mississippi primaries. >> it means a long, slow painful slog to this nomination. >> long, slow, and painful, thank you, jesus! rick santorum is resinating with voters because of his authenticity. he always speaks off the cuff, which is why his sweaters don't have sleeves. and santorum believes authenticity should be legally mandated. >> it should be illegal to read off a teleprompter. >> i never use a teleprompter. i just try to say the same thing as this guy right here in the monitor. okay. i just follow his leaderships, okay. and while he talks, i try to say what he's talking -- he goes pretty fast, but i can usually keep up with him, and sometimes we fight to see who goes first and boy he seems a
that matters a great deal. and it's just not good news for mitt romney. >> yeah. that as well as mitt romney's latest kind of attempt at connecting humor. i think it might miss the mark again. i could be wrong. >> oh, come on. >> that coupled with the beach house and an elevator for the cars. i'm not joking. it doesn't work. it's a problem. >> well, you know, i think mitt romney's dad, and we'll tell this joke later too, he was a big henne youngman fan. take my factory, please, wisconsin. so mitt romney jokes about -- he said one of his funnier moments in growing up had to do with his dad shutting down a factory. >> hysterical. >> all right. but that's a tease. we'll get to that in a little bit. can i just say the biggest news, now, this is huge news -- >> what, what, what? it's got to be sports or something. >> a lot of times we talk about use will information, and i feel like paul simon that i can gather all the news i need on the weather report. this morning, that's not the point. willie geist, and we haven't talked. >> the breaking banners? >> because any dumb male in america knows that
we're going to get to first. >> mitt romney and rick santorum. >> bob kerry talking about he's going to jump in the senate race and going to run. a lot of people very excited about that. but speaking of bob kerry, his name is attached to another news story. about the saudis and, wow, it's a big one. >> let's start there. after years of speculation, just filed affidavits of two ex-senators say the saudi arabian government played a role in the attacks on 9/11. saying this, i am convinced there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the september 11th attacks and the government of saudi arabia. bob kerry says this. evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible saudi government agents in the september 11th attacks has never been fully pursued. the statements are part of a decade-long lawsuit filed by families of 9/11 victims against the saudi government and other saudi institutions. washington is publicly standing by the saudis as the justice department works to have the lawsuit thrown out on grounds of international immunity. in november a
that santorum will evenly split the state's 30 delegates with mitt romney. santorum says if mitt romney can't win decisively on his home turf, that his entire candidacy needs to be reevaluated. we won michigan last night by coming out of michigan with 15 delegates out of 30 delegates in mitt romney's home state. we went into his backyard. he spent a fortune -- the money he had no intention of spending, and we came out of there with the same number of delegates he does. we are in great shape going into this election. we are excited about what's going to happen on super tuesday. we went into michigan. i don't know whether you guys are listening. we went into michigan, and we were able to pull off the impossible. >> here we go. >> you think he believes what he's saying? >> i don't in that sound bite. >> there was merit to what he said. look, a win's a win a win, we know that. but in reality, if somebody a month ago or two months ago said he's going to come within three points be outspent six to one and frankly to your point, had he not been mouthing off in the previous week -- >> he would've w
" starts right now. >>> the more i look at the record of governor romney and match it up against barack obama, i feel like i'm doing a training run for the general election. the same issues i'm out there campaigning against governor romney are the same issues i'll campaign against barack obama on, which is the government overreaching health care and cap and trade, trying to control the manufacturing and energy sector of the economy. and of course, you know, the bailouts. all of these things are, you know, unfortunately governor romney and barack obama are in the same place. >>> welcome to "morning joe." it's monday morning, march 19. great to have you here. and at the beginning of your week. with us also msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael still. political editor and white house correspondent for the huffington post sam stein. and also, washington anchor for bbc world news america, catty kay. and on set with us our own willie geist. and, willie, we'll go to willie in a second because i have to say i want to -- when i go to willie, mi
cars as much as he loved cars, mitt romney, i would not build a massive house in one of the most expensive neighborhoods on the planet complete with a car elevator to hold my 50 cars. >> in the midst of a recession? >> when people are struggling to get back to work, the same year i'm running for president. >> i think it's a little bit much. >> politics 101, they teach us that. >> i'm thinking you hold off on your plan. >> or make it just for three cars. four cars, it's as over the top. >> what's great, it all has a lobbyist. >> donnie should recuse himself, because he actually have an elevator in his home. >> i thought it would come from this side of the table. i was waiting. >> full disclosure for the audience. >> it doesn't fit cars, though. and i love cars. >> in romney's defense do, any of us here have any idea of the degree of difficulty in driving from the kitchen to the bedroom? >> that's hard. >> it's a big house. >> you're going to have to move that car at least half a mile. i'm winded going down just to get my dunkin conuts or whatever they eat in california. >> that's
the presidency back. that's rick santorum. unfortunately, the worsterson to make that case is mitt romney. that's why, as i said, we are here today and he's not. >> i'm not going to worry about what rick is saying these days. when you fall further and further behind, you get more animated. i'm able to connection with the american people. as you go across the country, you see more and more enthusiasm for my candidacy. we have to replace president obama. one difference between the two of us is if i'm elected president, i will repeal obama care. >> good morning. it's tuesday, march 27th. we are live from washington, d.c. where it's happening. today, again, and tomorrow. the supreme court taking up one of the most important cases, probably the most important case in at least 12 years since bush v. gore. political editor for "the washington post," sam stein. former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele, kelly o'donnell. in new york, willie geist and msnbc contributor, mike barnicle. guys, a lot to talk about. willie, the supreme court case. unbelievable poll coming out not on
a new line of attacks against mitt romney, over a senate measure dealing with contraception. >> are we there again? seriously. >> what is going on? yesterday, democrats defeated a republican proposal that would've allowed employers to opt out of providing certain insurance coverage based on moral or religious objections. what year are we in? what year is this? i'm checking. >> 2012. >> thank you. republicans say the president's plan violates religious liberty by forcing insurers to pay for birth control. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reacted to the bill. >> we've moved on to the blunt amendment. a blunt sweeping overreach into women's health. part of the republican agenda of disrespecting women's health issues. >> catholics, many other christians, many people of faith do not believe in certain activity and treatment that is mandated now to be covered by this mandatory insurance. and that is crossing a line that we have never before crossed in this country. >> the closeness of this vote shows how high the stakes are for women this year. a republican-led senate might pass this bil
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)